Westergaard Service Navigator - Customer Service Management

Service Navigator

Driving processes with GPS

Service Navigator is a modern, process driven IT Service Management system built upon the ServiceNow platform:

  • Service Navigator controls IT-processes ... like driving with GPS
  • Service Navigator is intuitive – plug-and-play
  • Service Navigator is finished and fully operational ITIL®-compatible processes
  • Service Navigator is in the cloud – software-as-a-service
  • Service Navigator is for the big IT department that wants to move forward
  • Service Navigator is for the small IT-department that wants to be process driven

Westergaard Service Navigator is now! No delay from decision to truly managed IT.

See how

Do you need IT-processes that work 
and a tool that controls?

It takes time and effort to build an IT process and just as much automate it. And there is no guarantee that you will succeed. With Service Navigator you can skip this work. You get processes that work and a tool that controls and you get started immediately.

Do you want to be free
from fighting with processes
and service management tool?

We were first in Denmark with ITIL and since 2002 we have helped countless IT departments with their ITIL-based process work. Based on this experience, we have built the Service Navigator processes and process automation.

Do you want process-driven IT,
but lack resources or budget?

Small and medium-sized IT departments often lack the prerequisites to develop IT processes and configure and maintain IT Service Management systems. With the Service Navigator they can skip the prerequisites and take a seat in a turnkey cloud solution.

Do you want process management
that is intuitive and simple?

When IT staff work in the Service Navigator it is faster and easier to do the job. Once the process is kicked off the Service Navigator guides the staff along the path to the goal - a successful delivery.

Do you want to have your cake
and eat it?

High service quality and cost effectiveness are contradictions that can rarely be reconciled. With the Service Navigator processes and advanced process automation you can get both. Best possible service at the lowest possible price.

Do you want to make a giant leap
in service quality and efficiency?

Many IT departments are working with processes for years and years. Often they get caught in a few processes that do not really work and ITIL becomes a distant dream. Get out of the doldrums with the Service Navigator!

Do you want value-for-money
for your tool investment?

Many IT departments are not very happy with their IT Service Management tool that is perceived as a big investment with a small effect. With the Service Navigator you get power and value immediately. Investment today and deployment tomorrow.

Do you want happy customers
and employees?

You get happy customers when you deliver the service they need. And IT employees are happy when they have good working conditions. Service Navigator makes it easy to deliver good service to customers. To the delight of both parties.

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